Application of quartz resources in photovoltaic industry


Quartz is an oxide mineral with frame structure, which has the advantages of high hardness, stable chemical performance, good heat insulation, etc. It is widely used in construction, machinery, metallurgy, electronic appliances, new materials, new energy and other industries, and is an important strategic non-metallic mineral resource. Quartz resource is widely used in photovoltaic power generation field and is one of the key basic raw materials in photovoltaic power generation industry. At present, the main structural groups of photovoltaic power generation panels are: laminated parts (from top to bottom tempered glass, EVA, cells, backplane), aluminum alloy frame, junction box, silica gel (bonding each component). Among them, the components that use quartz resources as the basic raw materials in the manufacturing process include tempered glass, battery chips, silica gel and aluminum alloy. Different components have different requirements for quartz sand and different amounts.

The toughened glass layer is mainly used to protect the internal structures such as the battery chips under it. It is required to have good transparency, high energy conversion rate, low self explosion rate, high strength and thin. At present, the most widely used solar toughened glass is low iron ultra white glass, which generally requires that the main elements in quartz sand, such as SiO2 ≥ 99.30% and Fe2O3 ≤ 60ppm, etc., and the quartz resources used to make solar photovoltaic glass are mainly obtained by mineral processing and purification of quartzite, quartz sandstone, seashore quartz sand and other resources.

Post time: Oct-17-2022