Arm shield – top shell for CH and CS type

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As many old customers know about WUJ Company, we are not only a foundry with nearly thirty years of history, but also a technical research and development department for mining equipment. This department not only provides services for mining equipment, but also provides technical support for customized and standard crusher spare parts. So whether in terms of appearance design or internal quality, WUJ brand spare parts will have a higher cost-effectiveness.

442.6174-01 PINSHFT ARM LINER S&H2800 CH420/H2800  
442.6175-01 NARROW ARM LINER  S&H2800 CH420/H2800  
442.9568-01 SPIDER ARM SHIELD   H2800 CH420/H2800  
442.9871-901 BOTTOM SHELL  ASM H2800 CH420/H2800  
442.6131-01 BOTTOM SHELL BUSH S&H2800 CH420/H2800  
442.9674-901 TOP SHELL ASM H2800 CH420/H2800  
442.7915-01 PINSHFT ARM LINER S&H3000 QH331/CH430/H3800  
442.7914-01 NARROW ARM LINER  S&H3000 QH331/CH430/H3800  
442.7984-01 SPIDER ARM SHIELD   H3000 QH331/CH430/H3800  
442.7908-00 BOTTOM SHELL ASM S&H 3000 QH331/CH430/H3800  
442.7935-01 BOTTOM SHELL BUSH S&H3000 QH331/CH430/H3800  
442.8314-901 TOP SHELL EC2 H3000 QH331/CH430/H3800  
442.7140-00 PINSHAFT ARM LINER H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800  
442.7141-00 NARROW ARM LINER    H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800  
442.7180-00 TOPSHELL 2-ARM      H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800  
442.7190-01 SPIDER ARM SHIELD   H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800  
452.0230-902 BOTTOM SHELL QH440/CH440/H4800  
442.7201-00 BOTTOM SHELL COVER H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800  
442.7146-01 BOTTOM SHELL BUSH   H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800  
442.8760-00 PINIONSHAFT ARM LNR H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8759-00 NARROW ARM LINER  S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8812-01 SPIDER ARM SHIELD   H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8735-00 BOTTOM SHELL ASM S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8742-01 BOTTOM SHELL BUSH S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8849-901 TOPSHELL EC2 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8880-00 LIFTING TOOL/BTM SHELL UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8075-01 ARM SHEILD ASM S4000 US440I/CS440/S4800  
442.9248-01 BOTTOMSHELL BUSHING H8000 CH880/H8800  
452.0313-901 BOTTOMSHELL LINERS H8800 CH880/H8800  
452.0317-901 PINIONSHAFT ARM LINERS H8800 CH880/H8800  
452.0314-901 NARROW ARM LINER  H8800 CH880/H8800  
442.9265-00 SPIDER ARM SHIELD   H8000 *I-NOTE* CH880/H8800  
42.6798-01 ARM SHIELD CS420 CS420/S2800  
442.8366-01 TOP SHELL CS420/S2800  
442.8451-01 ARM SHIELD          S3000 CS430/S3800  
442.8551-01 DOWEL PIN-SPDR ARM SHLD S3000 CS430/S3800  
442.8866-01 BTMSHELL SIDE LINER S&H3000 CS430/S3800  
442.8865-01 BTMSHELL SIDE LINER S&H3000 CS430/S3800  
442.8868-01 BTMSHELL SIDE LINER S&H3000 CS430/S3800  
442.8869-01 BTMSHELL SIDE LINER S&H3000 CS430/S3800  
442.8867-01 BTMSHELL SIDE LINER S&H3000 CS430/S3800  
442.8864-01 BTMSHELL SIDE LINER S&H3000 CS430/S3800  
442.8446-01 TOPSHELL EC2  S3000 CS430/S3800  
442.9035-01 TOPSHELL LINER      S3000 CS430/S3800  
442.8794-01 BTMSHELL SIDE LINER S4000 US440I/CS440/S4800  
442.8796-01 BTMSHELL SIDE LINER S4000 US440I/CS440/S4800  
442.8797-01 BTMSHELL SIDE LINER S4000 US440I/CS440/S4800  
442.8798-01 BTMSHELL SIDE LINER S4000 US440I/CS440/S4800  
442.8795-01 BTMSHELL SIDE LINER S4000 US440I/CS440/S4800  
442.8059-01 TOPSHELL EC2        S4000 US440I/CS440/S4800  
442.9036-01 TOPSHELL LINER US440I/CS440/S4800  
442.9040-01 PINION ARM SIDE LINR 6000 CS660/S6800  
442.9041-01 NARROW ARM SIDE LNR  6000 CS660/S6800  
442.8976-01 SPIDER ARM SHIELD  S6800 CS660/S6800  
442.9043-01 BSHELL SIDE LINER H/S6000 CS660/S6800  
442.8970-01 TOPSHELL            S6000 CS660/S6800

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