Spare parts support for S6800(CS660) and H6800(CH660)

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Zhejiang Wujing Machine Manufacturing Co., LTD., as a foundry enterprise for 30 years, has strict control over each process of the product. Not only have advanced testing equipment, but also experienced quality control team.

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Our laboratory is equipped with advanced experimental equipment and technology, and we adopts the world's leading testing and management technology. It is a leading testing center for castings and related products in China. We deeply know every customer's expectations and requirements for their products. Therefore, we always regard quality assurance as the most critical part of production.


WJ supports parts list as following, if any missing, please contract with me by free,

442.8723 GEAR & PINION CH660 S6800 H6800 CS660  
442.8732 MAIN SHAFT STEP CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8735 BOTTOM SHELL CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8747 INNER SEAL RING CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8753 SPIDER CAP CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8754 SPIDER BUSHING CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8755 SEAL RING CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8759 LINER NARROW ARM CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8762 LOCATING BAR CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8763 MANTLE HEAD CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8764 PINION SHAFT HOUSING CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8765 PLATE CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8766 PLATE CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8767 MAIN SHAFT CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8771 SPACER CH/CS660 H/S6800/6000  
442.8772 PINION SHAFT CH/CS660 H/S6800/6000  
442.8791 INNER INNER HEAD NUT CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8792 MAIN SHAFT SLEEVE CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8793 SUPPORT RING CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8801 RETAINER RING CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8804 RETAINER CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8805 SCRAPER CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8825 ECC. BUSHING CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8826 ECC. BUSHING CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.9037 TOP SHELL EC2 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
452.3274 MAIN SHAFT CH660 S6800 H6800 CS660  
452.3822 CONCAVE CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
452.4125 BOTTOM SHELL CH660 S6800 H6800 CS660  
452.4309 MAIN SHAFT CH660 S6800 H6800 CS660  
840.0069 BOLT CH660 S6800 H6800 CS660  
840.0071 BOLT CH660 S6800 H6800 CS660  
853.0119 DOWEL PIN CH660 S6800 H6800 CS660  
855.0026 RETAINING RING CH660 S6800 H6800 CS660  
873.0128 SEAL RING CH660 S6800 H6800 CS660  
190.4590.91 ELECTRIC CABLE SET CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
190.4590-91 ELECTRIC CABLE SET CH/CS660  
190.4591.00 CONNECTION BOX CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
190.4591-00 CONNECTION BOX CH/CS660  
191.2376.00 TEMPERATURE SENSOR KIT, TRPF CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
191.3213.00 CONNECTION BOX CBT CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
194.0402.92 CABINET, ELECTRICAL CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
194.0402-92 CABINET, ELECTRICAL CH/CS660  
194.0409.003 CABLE CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
194.0409-003 CABLE CH/CS660  
194.0575.00 CABINET, ELECTRICAL CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
194.0575-00 CABINET, ELECTRICAL CH/CS660  
422.9356 CONCAVE CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.5904-01 FIXING PLATE H6000& H8000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.6427-01 BURNING RING     S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.7252-01 SHIM 1X80X20 1142-32 H4000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.7252-02 SHIM 3X80X20 1312-00 H4000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.7252-03 SHIM 5X80X20 1312-00 H4000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.7252-04 SHIM 10X80X20 1312-00 H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8722.01 MPS CYLINDER HOUSING CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8722-01 HYDROSET CYLINDER S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8723.00 GEAR SET CPL  H/S6000 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8723-00 GEAR & PINION SET H6000(SOLD AS SET) UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8724.01 MPS CYL BUSHING H/S6000 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8724-01 HYDROSET CYL BUSH  H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8725.01 MPS CLAMP PLATE PACKING  H/S6000 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8726.01 CYLINDER COVER H/S6000 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8726-01 HYDROSET CYL COVER  H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8729.001 HUB H/S6000 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8729-001 HUB CH/CS660  
442.8730 PISTON WEARING PLATE CH660 S6800 H6800 CS660  
442.8730.01 PISTON WEARING PLATE CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8730-01 PISTON WRG PLATE  S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8731.01 STEP WASHER CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8731-01 STEP WASHER       S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8732.01 MAIN SHAFT STEP CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8732-01 MAINSHAFT STEP    S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8733.01 ECCENTRIC /H6000/CH660 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8733-01 ECCENTRIC           H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8735.00 BOTTOM SHELL H/S6000 3-ARMS CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8735-00 BOTTOM SHELL ASM S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8739 CHEVRON PACKING CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8739.00 CHEVRON PACKING CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8739-00 CHEVRON PACKING   S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8741.01/452.4151.001 DUST COLLAR H/S6000 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8741-01 DUST COLLAR       S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8742.01 BOTTOMSHELL BUSHING H/S6000 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8742-01 BOTTOM SHELL BUSH S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8743 RING CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8743.00 RING H/S6000 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8743-00 RING  (TWO PIECE) S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8744.01 RING H/S6000 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8747.01 SEAL RING INNER  H/S6000 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8747-01 INNER SEAL RING   S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8749-01 HYD CYL COVER GASKT H6000 HYD CYL CO UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8753.01 SPIDER CAP TPE  /H6000 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8753-01 SPIDER CAP          H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8754.01 SPIDER BUSHING STD CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8754.MNBR/BG00248051 SPIDER BUSHING MNBR CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8754-01 SPIDER BUSHING    S&H6000 CS660/S6800  
442.8755.01 SPIDER SEAL RING CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8755-01 OIL SEAL RING     S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8758.00 PISTON ASM H6800/CH660/CS660 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8758-00 PISTON            S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8759.00 NARROW ARM LINER 14MNCR CH/CS660 (3-armed) CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8759-00 NARROW ARM LINER  S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8760 LINER PIN SHAFT ARM CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8760.00 PINIONSHAFT ARMLNR 14MNCR CH/CS660 (3-armed) CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8760-00 PINIONSHAFT ARM LNR H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8761.01 ECCENTRIC WEARING PLATE H/S6000 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8761-01 WEARING PLATE-ECC   H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8762.01 LOCATING BAR H/S6000 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8762-01 LOCATING BAR      S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8763.01 HEAD H6000 / USE ASSY N11851912 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8763-01 HEADCENTER          H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8764.01 PINION SHAFT HOUSING BARE H/S6000 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8764-01 PINIONSHAFT HSG   S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8765.01 BRNG COVER OUTER H/S6000 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8765-01 PINSHAFT SEAL PLT S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8766.01 BRNG COVER  INNER H/S6000 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8766-01 PINSHAFT SEAL PLT S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8767.01 MAIN SHAFT H6000 / USE ASSY N11851912 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8767-01 MAINSHAFT           H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8771.01 SPACER RING  H/S6000 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8771-01 SPACER-SHV&PIN ENDS& H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8772.01 PINION SHAFT H/S600 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8772-01 PINIONSHAFT       S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8774.01 GASKET T=0.5   /H6000 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8774.02 GASKET T=0.8  /H6000 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8774-01 PINSHAFT SEALPLT GASKET H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8774-02 PINSHAFT SEALPLT GASKET H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8775.01 GASKET T=0.8  /H6000 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8775-01 PINSHAFT SEALPLT GASKET H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8777-00 CHECK VALVE UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8778.01 PLUG OIL LEVEL  /H6000 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8778-01 OIL LEVEL PLUG    S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8787.01 WASHER CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8787-01 WASHER-SHEAVE RETAINER H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8788.01 SPACER CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8788-01 SPACER-SHEAVE RETAINER H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8791.01 HEAD NUT INNER CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8791-01 INNER HEAD NUT   H6000 **SEE I-NOTE* UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8792.01 MAIN SHAFT SLEEVE CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8792-01 MAINSHAFT SLEEVE    H6000 CS660/S6800  
442.8793.01 CONCAVE SUPPORT RING CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8793-01 CONCAVE CLAMPING RING H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8800 HEAD NUT WITH BURNING CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8800.00 HEAD NUT WITH RING CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8800-00 HEADNUT W/BURN RING H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8801.01 RET RING H/S 6000 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8801-01 RETAINER RING     S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8802.01 DUST SEAL RING CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8802-01 DUST SEAL RING    S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8803.01 GASKET T=0,5 H/S6000 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8803.02 GASKET T=0,8  H/S6000 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8803.03 GASKET T=1.5 H/S6000 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8803-01 PINSHAFT HSG GASKET S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8803-02 PINSHAFT HSG GASKET S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8803-03 PINSHAFT HSG GASKET S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8804.01 RETAINER H/S6000 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8804-01 DUST SEAL RETAINER H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8805.01 SCRAPER H/S6000 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8805-01 SCRAPER           S&H6000 CS660/S6800  
442.8807.01 KEY CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8807-01 ECC GEAR KEY      S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8808.01 GASKET /H6000 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8808-01 DUST COLLAR GASKT S&H6000 (2-PIECE) UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8809.01 SHIM T=0,1 H/S6000 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8809.02 SHIM T=0,5    H/S6000 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8809.03 SHIM T=0,7    H/S6000 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8809.04 SHIM T=1,0 H/S6000 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8809-01 SHIM 0.1 THK(0.003) S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8809-02 SHIM 0.5 THK(0.02) S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8809-03 SHIM 0.7 THK(0.03) S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8809-04 SHIM 1.0 THK(0.04) S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8812.01 SPIDER ARM SHIELD 14MNCR CH660 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8812-01 SPIDER ARM SHIELD   H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8813 CONCAVE CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8813.01 CONCAVE EC 14MNCR CH660 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8813.02 CONCAVE EC 18MNCR CH660 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8813.03 CONCAVE EC 21MNCR CH660 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8813-01 CONCAVE RNG EC  M1  H6800 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8813-02 CONCAVE RNG EC  M2   H6800 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8813-03 CONCAVE EC CH660  
442.8814 CONCAVE CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8814.01 CONCAVE C 14MNCR CH660 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8814.02 CONCAVE C 18MNCR CH660 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8814.03 CONCAVE C 21MNCR CH660 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8814-01 CONCAVE RING C  M1  H6800 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8814-02 CONCAVE RING C  M2  H6800 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8814-03 CONCAVE C CH660 H6800  
442.8815 CONCAVE CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8815.01 CONCAVE MF 14MNCR CH660 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8815.02 CONCAVE MC 18MNCR CH660 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8815.03 CONCAVE MC 21MNCR CH660 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8815-01 CONCAVE RNG MC  M1  H6800 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8815-02 CONCAVE RNG MC  M2   H6800 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8815-03 CONCAVE MC CH660 H6800  
442.8816 CONCAVE CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8816.01 CONCAVE M 14MNCR CH660 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8816.02 CONCAVE M 18MNCR CH660 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8816.03 CONCAVE M 21MNCR CH660 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8816-01 CONCAVE RING M  M1  H6800 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8816-02 CONCAVE RING M  M2   H6800 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8816-03 CONCAVE M CH660 H6800  
442.8817 CONCAVE CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8817.01 CONCAVE MF 14MNCR CH660 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8817.02 CONCAVE MF 18MNCR CH660 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8817.03 CONCAVE MF 21MNCR CH660 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8817-01 CONCAVE RNG MF  M1  H6800 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8817-02 CONCAVE RNG MF  M2   H6800 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8817-03 CONCAVE MF CH660 H6800  
442.8818 CONCAVE CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8818.01 CONCAVE F 14MNCR CH660 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8818.02 CONCAVE F 18MNCR CH660 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8818.03 CONCAVE F 21MNCR CH660 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8818-01 CONCAVE RING F  M1  H6800 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8818-02 CONCAVE RING F  M2  H6800 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8818-03 CONCAVE F CH660 H6800  
442.8819 MANTLE CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8819.01 MANTLE A 14MNCR CH660 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8819.02 MANTLE A 18MNCR CH660 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8819.03 MANTLE A 21MNCR CH660 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8819-01 MANTLE A   M1       H6800 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8819-02 MANTLE A   M2       H6800 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8819-03 MANTLE A CH660 H6800  
442.8820 MANTLE CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8820.01 MANTLE B 14MNCR CH660 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8820.02 MANTLE B 18MNCR CH660 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8820.03 MANTLE B 18MNCR CH660 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8820-01 MANTLE B  M1        H6800 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8820-02 MANTLE B  M2        H6800 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8820-03 MANTLE B CH660 H6800  
442.8821 MANTLE CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8821.01 MANTLE D 14MNCR CH660 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8821.02 MANTLE D 18MNCR CH660 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8821.03 MANTLE D 21MNCR CH660 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8821-01 MANTLE D  M1        H6800 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8821-02 MANTLE D  M2        H6800 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8821-03 MANTLE D CH660 H6800  
442.8823 TORCH RING CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8823.01 FILLER RING M/MC CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8823-01 FILLER RING (M & MC) H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8824.01 ECCENTRIC BUSHING 18+20+24+28  /H6000 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8824-01 ECC BUSH 18+20+24+28 H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8825.01 ECCENTRIC BUSHING 28+32+36+40   /H6000 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8825-01 ECC BUSH 28+32+36+40 H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8826.01 ECCENTRIC BUSHING 40+44+48+50  /H6000 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8826-01 ECC BUSH 40+44+48+50 H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8847.901/BG00598827 PINION SHAFT HOUSING ASSY  H/S6000 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8847-901 PINIONSHAFT ASSY (LESS PINION) UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8848.901/452.3272.901 MAIN SHAFT ASSEMBLY H6000 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8848-901 MAINSHAFT ASM H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8849-901 TOPSHELL EC2 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8860.00 FOOT ASSEMBLY CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8860-00 FOOT ASSEMBLY CH/CS660 H6800  
442.8863 TORCH RING CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8863.01 FILLER RING F/MF CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8863-01 FILLER RING (F, MF) H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8879-00 LIFTING TOOL/ECC SL H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8880-00 LIFTING TOOL/BTM SHELL UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8881.01 WASHER FOR FILLER RING CH660 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8881-01 WASHER-CONCAVE      H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8908.02 HOSE 31,5/0,6  L=245 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8908-01 HOSE                H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.8969.00/BG00395422 SPIDER S6000 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8969-00 SPIDER    S6000 CS660/S6800  
442.8970 TOP SHELL CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8970.01/452.5837-901 TOP SHELL W/O SPIDER S6800/CS660 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8970-01 TOPSHELL            S6000 CS660/S6800  
442.8970-01/452.5837-901 TOP SHELL W/O SPIDER S6800/CS660  
442.8971.01 MAIN SHAFT S6000 / USE ASSY N11852162 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8971-01 MAINSHAFT  S6000 CS660/S6800  
442.8973-01 ECCENTRIC           S6000 CS660/S6800  
442.8974.01 HEAD S6000 / USE ASSY CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8974-01 HEADCENTER          S6000 CS660/S6800  
442.8975 RIM LINER CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8975.01 SPIDER RIM LINER (x12) /S6800/CS660 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8975-01 RIM LINER           S6000 CS660/S6800  
442.8976.01 SPIDER ARM SHIELD /S6800/CS660 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8976-01 SPIDER ARM SHIELD  S6800 CS660/S6800  
442.8977.01 SPIDER CAP  /S6000 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8977-01 SPIDER CAP          S6000 CS660/S6800  
442.8979 CONCAVE LOW CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8979-00 CONCAVE LWR EC  M1  S6800 CS660/S6800  
442.8981 CONCAVE UPR CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8981-00 CONCAVE UPR EC  M1  S6800 CS660/S6800  
442.8982 MANTLE CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8982-01 MANTLE A   M1       S6800 CS660/S6800  
442.8982-02 MANTLE A  M2   S6800 CS660/S6800  
442.8983 MANTLE CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8983.01 MANTLE B 14MNCR CS660 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8983.02 MANTLE B 18MNCR CS660 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8983.03 MANTLE B 21MNCR CS660 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.8983-01 MANTLE B   M1       S6800 CS660/S6800  
442.8983-02 MANTLE B CS660 S6800  
442.8983-03 MANTLE B CS660 S6800  
442.9033.01 ECCENTRIC BUSHING 20+25+30+35+40 /S6800/CS660 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.9033-01 ECC BSHG 20-25-30-35-40 S6000 CS660/S6800  
442.9037.00 TOP SHELL EC2 (OLD STYLE) CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.9037-00 TOP SHELL EC2 CH660 S6800 H6800 CS660  
442.9039.00 BOTTOM SHELL LINER KIT 3-ARMS CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.9040-01 PINION ARM SIDE LINR 6000 CS660/S6800  
442.9041-01 NARROW ARM SIDE LNR  6000 CS660/S6800  
442.9042-01 ACCESS HOLE SIDE LNR 6000 CS660/S6800  
442.9043 WEAR PLATE CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.9043-01 BSHELL SIDE LINER H/S6000 CS660/S6800  
442.9071 CONCAVE CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.9071.00 CONCAVE RING LOWER C 14MNCR CS660 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.9071.90 CONCAVE RING LOWER C 18MNCR CS660 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.9071-00 CONCAVE LWR C  M1   S6800 CS660/S6800  
442.9071-90 LOWER CONCAVE RING C  M2 S6800 CS660/S6800  
442.9072 CONCAVE UPR CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.9072.00 CONCAVE RING UPPER C 14MNCR CS660 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.9072.90 CONCAVE RING UPPER C 18MNCR CS660 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.9072-00 CONCAVE UPR C  M1   S6800 CS660/S6800  
442.9072-90 CONCAVE RING-UPR C M2  S6800 CS660/S6800  
442.9086.01 BRACKET (FOR S_MODEL) CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.9086-01 BRACKET CH/CS660  
442.9172.01 KEY (FOR S-MODEL) CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.9172-01 KEY CH/CS660  
442.9230 CONCAVE CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.9230.01 CONCAVE CX 14MNCR CH660 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.9230.02 CONCAVE CX 18MNCR CH660 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.9230.03 CONCAVE CX 21MNCR CH660 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.9230-01 CONCAVE CX CH660 H6800  
442.9230-02 CONCAVE CX CH660 H6800  
442.9230-03 CONCAVE CX CH660 H6800  
442.9355 MANTLE CH660 H6800  
442.9355-01 MANTLE EF  M1       H6800 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.9356 CONCAVE CH660 H6800  
442.9356-01 CONCAVE RNG EF  M1  H6800 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.9356-02 CONCAVE RNG EF  M2   H6800 UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.9415.00 WEAR PLATE FOR CONCAVE EF CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.9415-00 WEAR PLATE UH640/CH660/H6800  
442.9610.01 KEY R 28X16X320, H/S6000 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.9760 MANTLE CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.9760.01 MANTLE HC 14MNCR CH660 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.9760.02 MANTLE HC 18MNCR CH660 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.9760.03 MANTLE HC 21MNCR CH660 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
442.9760-01 MANTLE HC CH660 H6800  
442.9760-02 MANTLE HC CH660/H6800  
442.9760-03 MANTLE HC CH660/H6800  
442.9781-00 TOP PLATE COMP MTGH&S6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
452.0269 TORCH RING CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
452.0269.001 BURNING RING H51/ H6000 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
452.0269-001 TORCH RING CH660 H/S6800 H6000  
452.0820 MANTLE CH660 H6800  
452.0820-001 MANTLE H6000 EEF M1 UH640/CH660/H6800  
452.0820-002 MANTLE EEF M2  H6800 UH640/CH660/H6800  
452.0832 CONCAVE CH660 H6800  
452.0832-001 CONCAVE H6000 EEF M1 UH640/CH660/H6800  
452.0832-002 CONCAVE EEF M2 H6800 UH640/CH660/H6800  
452.1543.003 MANTLE D SPECIAL 21MNCR CH660 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
452.1543-003 MANTLE D CH660  
452.1700-901 MAINSHAFT ASY W/O MANTLE S6800 CS660/S6800  
452.2382.901 FEED HOPPER CONE CX LEFT CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
452.2382.902 FEED HOPPER CONE CX RIGHT CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
452.2382-901 FEED HOPPER CONE CX LEFT CH660/CS660  
452.2382-902 FEED HOPPER CONE CX RIGHT CH660/CS660  
452.3760.901 TOP SHELL (BARE MACHINING) WITH RAISED ARMS CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
452.3760-901 TOP SHELL WITH RAISED ARMS CH660/CS660  
452.3765.001 BOTTOM SHELL BARE 5-ARMS CH/CS660 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
452.3765-001 BOTTOM SHELL CH/CS660  
452.3841.001 SPIDER CAP CH660 (NEW STYLE) CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
452.3841-001 SPIDER CAP CH660  
452.4129.001 DUST COLLAR KIT CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
452.4129-001 DUST COLLAR KIT CH660/CS660  
452.4130.901 HEAD ASSY CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
452.4130.902 HEAD ASSY CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
452.4130-901 HEAD ASSY CH660 S6800 H6800 CS660  
452.4130-902 HEAD ASSY CH660 S6800 H6800 CS660  
452.4153.001 PIPE, STEEL DIN 2391/C-ST 35,4, 10X1,5 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
452.4153-001 PIPE CH660/CS660  
452.4222.901/452.1700.901/452.1640.901 MAIN SHAFT ASSEMBLY CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
452.5222.001/BG00277273 PINIONSHAFT ARMLNR CH660:2 (x1 for 5-armed) CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
452.5222-001/BG00277273 PINIONSHAFT ARMLNR CH660  
452.5227.001 NARROW ARM LINER CH660:2 (x4 for 5-armed) CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
452.5227-001 NARROW ARM LINER CH660  
452.5543.901 FILTER KIT CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
452.5543-901 FILTER KIT CH660 S6800 H6800 CS660  
452.5862.901 SPIDER CAP DOME, TOP / CS660, S6800 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
452.5862-901 SPIDER CAP DOME CS660/S6800  
452.5920 CONCAVE CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
452.6027 MANTLE CH660 H6800  
452.7282.901 WEAR LINER KIT, HB400 W/FASTENERS BTM-SHELL 5-ARM CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
452.7282-901 WEAR LINER KIT CH660  
452.9040 CONCAVE CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
452.9041 CONCAVE CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
650.0086.19 HOSE SAE 100 R1AT R1/4 X 1100 (FOR S-MODEL) CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
650.0086-19 HOSE CH660/CS660  
840.0072.00 BOLT, HEXAGONAL ISO4014-M16X70-8.8-A3A CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
840.0072-00 BOLT CH870/H7000/CS660  
840.0650.00 SCREW M6S 20X65 8.8 ISO4017 / S6000/CS660 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
840.0650-00 SCREW CS660/H/S6000  
840.0669.00 SCREW, HEXAGONAL ISO4017-M24X70-8.8-A3A CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
840.0672.00 BOLT, HEXAGONAL ISO4014-M24X100-8.8-A3A CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
840.0674.00 SCREW, HEXAGONAL ISO4017-M24X120-8.8-A3A CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
840.0674-00 SCREW CS660/CJ613  
840.0943-00 BOLT CH660/H6800  
840.1063-00 SCREW CS660/CH870/H7000  
840.1073-00 BOLT CS660  
840.1075.00 Screw M6S 30x380 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
840.1075-00 SCREW CH660  
840.1124.00 BOLT, HEXAGONAL ISO4014-M42X280-10.9-UNPLTD (FOR S-MODEL) CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
841.0028.00 SCREW, CAP, HEXAGON SOCKET HEAD ISO4762-M12X100-12.9-UNPLTD CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
841.0028-00 SCREW CH660/CS660  
842.0013.00 SCREW, SET, HEXAGON SOCKET, CUP POINT ISO4029-M12X50-45H-A3R CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
842.0013-00 SCREW CH660/CS660  
843.1267-00 STUD SCREW 12X45 5,8 S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
843.1511-00 STUD BOLT UH640/CH660/H6800  
847.0059.00 WASHER TBRSB 13,5X36 1370 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
847.0132-00 WASHER CH660/CS660  
847.0171-00 WASHER CS660  
853.0119-00 PARALLEL PIN UH640/CH660/H6800  
853.0983.00 PIN 2172-00 D40X40 /S6800 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
853.0983-00 PIN S6800  
855.0132.00 RETAING RING SGA 110 SS1581 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
857.0350.00 KEY T 25X14X95 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
857.0350-00 KEY T 25X14X95 SMS 2307 H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
863.0058-00 DISC SPRING 90X46X5 H4000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
868.0799.00 SPHERICAL ROLLER BEARING 22224 E/C3 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
868.0799-00 SPHERICAL ROLLER BEARING H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
868.0806.00 SPHERIC BEARING ¬†452324 M2/W502, 8 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
868.0806-00 SPHER ROLLER BEARNG H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
873.0128.00 O-RING 109,1X5,7 SMS1586 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
873.0128-00 O-RING CH660/CS660  
873.1152.00 O-RING 625 X7  SMS1587 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
873.1152-00 O-RING 625 X7 SMS1587 H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
873.1153.00 O-RING 510 X5,7 SMS1587 (FOR OLDER COVER 442.8726-01) CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
873.1153-00 O-RING 510 X5,7 SMS1587 H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
873.1160 RING CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
873.1160.00 O-RING 529,3X5,7 SMS1587 H6000 - OLD STYLE CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
873.1160-00 O-RING 529,3X5,7 SMS1587 H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
873.1161.00 SEAL RING 150x180x15  ISO 6194-1 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
873.1161-00 OIL SEAL RING CC    H6000 OIL SEAL R UH640/CH660/H6800  
873.1277.00 O-RING 548,0X5,7 SMS 1586 CH/CS660 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
873.1277-00 O-RING CH/CS660  
873.1401.00 O-RING 594,1X5,7 SMS1587 CH6600 - NEW STYLE CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
873.1401-00 O-RING CH660/H6000  
891.1647.901 INSPECTION DOOR PU CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
891.1772.901 RUBBER LINER ASSEMBLY  BOTTOMSHELL, 5-ARM / CH/CS660 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
891.2133.901 RUBBER PLATE KIT CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
899.0157.00 BOLT, EYE, LIFTING M48 CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
900.0243-00 SCRENED SOCKET UH640/CH660/H6800  
900.0431.00 FITTING, COMPRESSION GE 15-LR CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
900.0431-00 FITTING, COMPRESSION CH660  
900.0654.00 ADAPTER G1/2 BxG 172B CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
900.0921-00 TEE CPLG 3/4 SA 4072,415 H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
900.1262-00 ADAPTER CH/CS660  
900.1412-00 PIPE 3/4 X 70 KREA SMS 1787 UH640/CH660/H6800  
900.2026-00 MAGNETIC PLUG 3/4 S&H6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
900.2108.00 ELBOW R4 ISO49 A4" CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
900.2108-00 ELBOW 4?? A4 SMS 435 UH640/CH660/H6800  
900.2624.00 JAM NUT 1/2 INCH CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
919.0170-00 BLADDER COMPLETE 20L     H3800/H6800 UH640/CH660/H6800  
919.0174-00 ACCUMULATOR ASM     H6000 FOR BLADDE UH640/CH660/H6800  
923.0521.00 CURRENT TRANSDUCER CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
966.3828.00 SWITCH, PUSH BUTTON CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
966.3828-00 SWITCH, PUSH BUTTON CH/CS660  
972.0532-00 MOTOR MBT112M 1800RPM 6HP LUBE H6800 UH640/CH660/H6800  
975.0296.00 POWER SUPPLY CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
975.0296-00 POWER SUPPLY CH/CS660  
984.0623.00 TRANSDUCER PROBE CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
984.0623-00 TRANSDUCER PROBE H/S 6000 UH640/CH660/H6800  
BG00248051 SPIDER BUSHING CH660 S6800 H6800 CS660  
BG00325390 MAIN SHAFT SLEEVE TAPERED CH/CS660 / BLOCK U.S.A. CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
BG00395488/452.4131.901 TOP SHELL ASSY / RAISED ARMS CH660 (NEW STYLE) CH660/CS660/S6800/H6800  
BG00395488/452.4131-901 TOP SHELL ASSY CH660  
BG00417468 CONCAVE CH660 H6800  
BG00420396 CONCAVE CH660 H6800  
BG00420397 CONCAVE CH660 H6800  
BG00420434 CONCAVE CH660 H6800  
BG00420435 CONCAVE CH660 H6800  
BG00565178 BOTTOM SHELL CH/CS660  

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