Spare parts supporting S4800(CS440)& H4800(CH440)

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Zhejiang Wujing Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has a complete machine research and development department that specializes in providing various support for various types of crusher spare parts. Provide cost-effective replacement parts for various spare parts in the entire machine, such as Feed hopper, Top shell assembly, Eccentric assembly, etc,
The spare parts for the S4800(CS440)& H4800(CH440) models we support are as follows,

442.6635 DAMPER CH440 H4800, H/S4000
442.7102 DUST SEAL CH440 H4800, H/S4000
442.7105 HEAD NUT CH440 H4800, H/S4000
442.7107 ECC. WEARING PLATE CH440 H4800, H/S4000
442.7108 SEAL RING CH440 H4800, H/S4000
442.7115 TORCH RING CH440 H4800, H/S4000
442.7117 MAIN SHAFT SLEEVE CH440 H4800, H/S4000
442.7121 STEP WASHER CH440 H4800, H/S4000
442.7122 PISTON WEARING PLATE CH440 H4800, H/S4000
442.7131 SPACER CH440 H4800, H/S4000
442.7133 BRNG COVER CH440 H4800, H/S4000
442.7136 GASKET CH440 H4800, H/S4000
442.7141 LINER NARROW ARM CH440 H4800, H/S4000
442.7146 BOTTOM SHELL BUSHING CH440 H4800, H/S4000
442.7193 O RING CH440 H4800, H/S4000
442.7253 SLEEVE CH440 H4800, H/S4000
442.7267 FEED DISTRIBUTER CH440 H4800, H/S4000
442.7271 WASHER CH440 H4800, H/S4000
442.7492 SPIDER CAP CH440 H4800, H/S4000
442.7506 PINION SHAFT HOUSING CH440 H4800, H/S4000
442.8067 ECC. BUSHING CH440 H4800, H/S4000
442.8333 HEAD NUT INNER CH440 H4800, H/S4000
442.8425 SUPPORT RING CH440 H4800, H/S4000
442.8553 TOP SHELL ASSY CH440 H4800, H/S4000
442.8687 SCREW CH440 H4800, H/S4000
442.8794 WEAR PLATE CH440 H4800, H/S4000
442.8795 WEAR PLATE CH440 H4800, H/S4000
442.8796 WEAR PLATE CH440 H4800, H/S4000
442.8797 WEAR PLATE CH440 H4800, H/S4000
442.8798 WEAR PLATE CH440 H4800, H/S4000
442.8802 DUST SEAL CH440 H4800, H/S4000
442.9406 ECC. BUSHING CH440 H4800, H/S4000
442.9408 SPIDER BUSHING CH440 H4800, H/S4000
442.9642 ECC. BUSHING CH440 H4800, H/S4000
442.9643 ECC. BUSHING CH440 H4800, H/S4000
442.9684 INNER BRNG COVER CH440 H4800, H/S4000
442.9937 PINION SHAFT CH440 H4800, H/S4000
452.0238 WEAR PLATE CH440 H4800, H/S4000
452.0239 WEAR PLATE CH440 H4800, H/S4000
452.6202 TOPSHELL CH440 H4800, H/S4000
840.1073 BOLT CH440 H4800, H/S4000
845.0284 NUT CH440 H4800, H/S4000
863.0058 DISC SPRING CH440 H4800, H/S4000
869.0235 BUSHING CH440 H4800, H/S4000
873.0838 RING CH440 H4800, H/S4000
906.0367 PUMP CH440 H4800, H/S4000
912.0126 FILTER CH440 H4800, H/S4000
912.0129 FILTER CARTRIDGE CH440 H4800, H/S4000
912.0139 FILTER CARTRIDGE CH440 H4800, H/S4000
23122 CC PINION SHAFT BRNG CH440 H4800, H/S4000
23122 CC/W33/C3 PINION SHAFT BRNG CH440 H4800, H4000
442.0800-91 LEAD-CHECK OF C.S.S. H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.1561-01 KEY-WOODEN WEDGE    S4000 US440I/CS440/S4800
442.1774-00 FLOW SWITCH ASM     H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.1954-01 ACCUMULATOR CLAMP   H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.2873-91 HEAT EXCHANGER BCF 602-0-4 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.6402-01 CHK VALVE FLG FACE  H3000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.6403-01 VALVE               H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.6406-01 VALVE GUIDE BODY    H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.6508-00 CONNECTION PIECE QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7093.00/442.9330.00 GEAR & PINION SET S&H4000 SPIRAL BVL CH440 H4800, H/S4000
442.7093-00/442.9330-00 GEAR SET H/S4000 CH/CS440
442.7098-00 /452.0230-901/452.6391-901 BOTTOM SHELL H/S4000 CH/CS440
442.7100-01 MAIN SHAFT H4000 / USE ASSY N11851874 CH440 H4800, H/S4000
442.7102-01 DUST SEAL RING      H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7103-01 RETAINER RING       H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7105-00 HEADNUT W/BURN RING QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7106-01 DUST COLLAR         H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7107-01 ECCENTRIC WEARING PLATE QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7108-01 INNER SEAL RING     H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7109-01 RETAINING RINGG                H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7110-01 SUPPORT BAR /LOCATING BAR      H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7112-00 CHEVRON PACKING-HYD H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7115-01 BURNING RING   S&H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7117-01 MAINSHAFT SLEEVE    H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7120-01 MAINSHAFT STEP      H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7121-01 STEP WASHER         H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7122-01 PISTON WEARING PLT  H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7129-01/442.9937-01 PINION SHAFT CH440 H4800, H/S4000
442.7130-01 PINION END SPACER S&H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7131-01 SHEAVE END SPACER S&H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7133-01 PINSHAFT SEAL PLATE H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7134-01 PINSHAFT SEALPLT GASKET H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7135.02 GASKET T= 0,8   H/S4000 CH440 H4800, H/S4000
442.7135-01 PINSHAFT SEALPLT GASKET H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7135-02 PINSHAFT SEALPLT GASKET H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7136-01 PINSHAFT HSG GASKET S&H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7136-02 PINSHAFT HSG GASKET S&H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7136-03 PINSHAFT HSG GASKET S&H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7142-01 HUB               H&S4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7146.01 /452.4190.001 BTTMSHELL BUSHING H/S4000 CH440 H4800, H/S4000
442.7146-01 /452.4190-001 BOTTOM SHELL BUSHING CH440 H4800, H4000
442.7151-01 ECCENTRIC           H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7163-01 HYDROSET CYLINDER   H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7166-01 HYDROSET CYL BUSH   H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7167-01 PACKING CLAMP PLATE H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7168-01 SHIM 0.1 THK(0.003) H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7168-02 SHIM 0.5 THK(0.02)  H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7168-03 SHIM 0.7 THK(0.03)  H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7168-04 SHIM 1.0 THK(0.04)  H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7169-00 RING              S&H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7170-01 DUST COLLAR GASKET  H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7171-01 ECC GEAR KEY        H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7180-00/442.8553-901 TOP SHELL EC2 H4000 CH440 H4800, H4000
442.7190.01 SPIDER ARM SHIELD 14MNCR CH440 CH440 H4800, H/S4000
442.7191-00 FEED HOPPER ASM H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7192-00 FEED HOPPER CONE-LH CH440 H4800, H4000
442.7192-90 FEED HOPPER CONE-RH CH440 H4800, H4000
442.7193-01 OIL SEAL RING-SPIDR H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7202-01 HYD CYL COVER GASKT H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7238-01 WASHER-SHEAVE RETAINER H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7252.01 SHIM 1MM CH440 H4800, H/S4000
442.7252.02 SHIM 3MM CH440 H4800, H/S4000
442.7252.03 SHIM 5MM CH440 H4800, H/S4000
442.7252.04 SHIM 10MM CH440 H4800, H/S4000
442.7253-01 SLEEVE              H4000 . QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7259-901 MAINSHAFT ASSM H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7267-00 FEED SPLITTER ASM RH H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7267-90 FEED SPLITTER ASM LH H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7268.01 HOLDER CH440 H4800, H/S4000
442.7280-00 PISTON STOP PLATE S&H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7281-00 LIFTING TOOL-BTMSHL BSGS&H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7282-01 EYEBOLT-LIFTING PLATE S&H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7283-00 LIFTING TOOL-ECC SLV S&H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7284-00 LOWERING ROD W/NUTS S&H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7484-01 FILLER RING (F, MF) H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7485.01 FILLER RING MC, M, EF / H4000 CH440 H4800, H/S4000
442.7485-01 FILLER RING EF,M,MC H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7492-01 SPIDER CAP          H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7506-01 PINIONSHAFT HSG S&H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7523-01 DUST SEAL RETAINER  H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7524-01 SCRAPER H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7577-01 OIL LEVEL PLUG      H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.7578-01 PIPE-PINION END   S&H4000 . QH440/CH440/H4800
442.8043-00 LIFTING TOOL-BTMSHL BSGS&H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.8062-01 MAIN SHAFT H/S4000 CH/CS440
442.8063-01 HEADCENTER          S4000 US440I/CS440/S4800
442.8067-01 ECC BUSH 20-25-30-36 S4000 US440I/CS440/S4800
442.8068-01 ECCENTRIC           S4000 US440I/CS440/S4800
442.8077-01 FIXING PIN          S4000 US440I/CS440/S4800
442.8078-01 BUMPER              S4000 US440I/CS440/S4800
442.8079-01 BUMPER              S4000 US440I/CS440/S4800
442.8090-01 BRACKET-ADAPTER     S4000 US440I/CS440/S4800
442.8092-901 MAINSHAFT SLV & DWL S4000 US440I/CS440/S4800
442.8105-00 FEED HOPPER         S4000 US440I/CS440/S4800
442.8159-00 FEED HOPPER CONE CH440 H4000/4800
442.8159-90 FEED HOPPER CONE CH440 H4000/4800
442.8179-00 ACCUM PIPE PROTECTOR H4000 (SET-L+R) QH440/CH440/H4800
442.8215-00 ACCUMULATOR CHARGING KIT QH440/CH440/H4800
442.8290-01 DOWEL PIN /GUIDE PIN D 40X8 H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.8332-01 HEAD CENTER         H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.8333-01 HEADNUT-INNER   S & H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.8345-01 HYDRAULIC PIPE QH440/CH440/H4800
442.8645-00 HYDRAULIC HOSE GUARD S4000 US440I/CS440/S4800
442.8687-01 SCREW M6S 30X360 8.8 H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.8703.00 PUMP ASSY P3AAN0075FL20B01N 6P 71 0.25kW CH440 H4800, H/S4000
442.8703-00 PINIONSHFT PUMP ASM       460V, 60HZ QH440/CH440/H4800
442.8754-MNBR / BG00248051 SPIDER BUSHING MNBR UH640/HC660/H6800 H4800
442.8799-06 BAR CH/CS440 H/S4000
442.8812 ARM AHIELD CH440 H4800, H/S4000
442.8908-03 HOSE CH440 H4000/4800
442.9164-00 SPIDER CAP S4000 US440I/CS440/S4800
442.9406-01 ECC BUSHING 32-36-40-44 H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.9408.MNBR/BG00237121 SPIDER BUSHING MNBR CH440 H4800, H/S4000
442.9408-01 SPIDER BUSHING    S&H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.9530-00/02 JACKING SCREW  M42X140 CH/CS480 H4800
442.9530-01 SCREW M6S 42X100 8.8 S&H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.9609-01 KEY R 25X14X250   S&H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.9642-01 ECC BSHG 24-28-32   H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.9643-01 ECC BSG 13-16-20-24 H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.9663-00 HYDROSET CYL COVER  H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.9672-00 HYD PISTON ASM    H/S4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.9684-01 PINSHAFT SEAL PLT S&H4000 PINION END QH440/CH440/H4800
442.9937-01 PINIONSHAFT       H&S4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.9966.901/452.6395.901 PINION SHAFT HOUSING ASSY CH440 H4800, H/S4000
442.9966-901 PINIONSHAFT ASSEMBLY H4800 QH440/CH440/H4800
442.9966-901 / 452.6395-901 PINION SHAFT HOUSING ASSY CH440/H4800
452.0238-001 WEAR PLATE CH440/CS440
452.0239-001 WEAR PLATE CH440/CS440
452.1699.901/442.9035.AD MAIN SHAFT ASSEMBLY S4000 CH440 H4800, H/S4000
452.5575-901 PINION SHAFT REPAIR KIT CH440/CS440
452.5778-901 BOTTOM SHELL ARM LINER KIT CH440/CS440/S4000
650.0086-11 HOSE ASSEMBLY CH440/CS440
808.0220-00 STEEL PIPE 10 X 1,5 MM H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
840.0026.00 SCREW, HEXAGONAL ISO4017-M8X40-8.8-A3A CH440 H4800, H/S4000
840.0045.00 SCREW, HEXAGONAL ISO4017-M12X30-8.8-A CH440 H4800, H/S4000
840.0065.00 SCREW, HEXAGONAL ISO4017-M16X35-8.8-A3A CH440 H4800, H/S4000
840.0070-00 BOLT CH440/H4000/CH660
840.0071.00 SCREW, HEXAGONAL ISO4017-M16X65-8.8-UNPLTD CH440 H4800, H/S4000
840.0078-00 SCREW CH440/CH870/H4000/H7000
840.0652-00 SCREW M6S 20X90 8.8 ISO4014 CH440/CH660/H4800
840.0671-00 SCREW, HEXAGONAL ISO4017-M24X90-10.9-UNPLTD CH440/CS440
840.0676-00 SCREW M6S 24X140 8.8 ISO 4014 CH440/CJ409
840.1073-00 BOLT, HEXAGONAL ISO4014-M42X220-8.8-A3F CH440 H4800, H/S4000
840.1074-00 BOLT, HEXAGONAL ISO4014-M30X280-8.8-A3A CH440 H4800, H/S4000
840.1281-00 SCREW, HEXAGONAL ISO4017-M16X80-8.8-A3A CH440 H4800, H/S4000
841.0025-00 SCREW, CAP, HEXAGON SOCKET HEAD ISO4762-M12X50-12.9-UNPLTD CH440 H4800, H/S4000
841.0266-00 SCREW CH/CS660/CH440/H4800/H4000
841.1157.00 BOLT, HEXAGONAL ISO4014-M12X40-8.8-A3F CH440 H4800, H/S4000
843.1333-00 STUD BOLT QH440/CH440/H4800
843.1445-00 STUD SCREW QH440/CH440/H4800
845.0009-00 NUT CH440/H4000/H4800/CH660
845.0030-00 NUT CH440/CH660/H4800
845.0284-00 LOCK NUT M6MN M30 8 DIN985 CH440 H4800, H/S4000
845.0322.00 NUT, HEXAGONAL ISO4032-M42-8-A3A CH440 H4800, H/S4000
847.0059-00 WASHER CH440/H4000/CS660
847.0125.00 WASHER, PLAIN ISO7089-30-200HV-A3A CH440 H4800, H/S4000
847.0165-00 WASHER TBRB 21X36 CH440 H4800, H/S4000
847.0171.00 WASHER, PLAIN SS70-BRFB-43X80-200HV-FZB CH440 H4800, H/S4000
853.0119.00 PARALLEL PIN SMS2374-25-M6X60-E295 CH440 H4800, H/S4000
853.0646.00 PIN ROLL N 16X45 H4000, CH440 H4800, H/S4000
855.0026.00 RING, RETAINING, EXTERNAL DIN471-100X3-ST-ZNPH CH440 H4800, H/S4000
855.0108-00 RING, RETAINING, EXTERNAL DIN471-85X3-ST-ZNPH CH440 H4800, H/S4000
857.0336-00 KEY T 28X16X110 SMS 2307 H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
857.0337-00 KEY T 22X14X95 SMS 2307 H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
863.0058.00 CONICAL DISC SPRNG DIN2093-A90-UNPLTD CH440 H4800, H/S4000
868.0282-00 SPHER ROLLR BEARING H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
868.0804-00 SPHER ROLLR BEARING H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
868.0805-00 ROLLER BRNG CH440/CS4040/H4800/H4000
869.0235-00 BUSHING 125-100 CH440 H4800, H/S4000
869.0261-00 BUSHING 125-80 CH440 H4800, H/S4000
869.0278-00 BUSHING 125-85 CH440 H4800, H/S4000
869.0283-00 BUSHING 125-95 CH440 H4800, H/S4000
869.0295-00 BUSHING 125-90 CH440 H4800, H/S4000
873.0108-00 O-RING SMS1586-34.20X3.00-NBR70 CH440 H4800, H/S4000
873.0385-00 SEALING RING TREDO 20 QH440/CH440/H4800
873.0387-00 RING, SEAL CS440 / S4000
873.0399-00 O-RING SMS1586-97.79X5.33-NBR70 CH440 H4800, H/S4000
873.0779-00 O-RING SMS1586-84.10X5.70-NBR70 CH440 H4800, H/S4000
873.0819.00 O-RING SMS1586-59.50X3.00-NBR70 CH440 H4800, H/S4000
873.0835-00 O-RING SMS1586-419.3X5.7-NBR70 CH440 H4800, H/S4000
873.0838-00 O-RING SMS1586-499.30X5.70-NBR70 CH440 H4800, H/S4000
873.0892-00 O-RING 530 X 7 SMS 1587 H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
873.1208-00 SEAL RING ISO6194-130X160X12MM-VITON CH440 H4800, H/S4000
873.1275-00 O RING CH440/H4800/H4000
873.1276-00 O-RING SMS1586-453.0X5.7-NBR70 CH440 H4800, H/S4000
875.0249-00 V-BELT SPC 4500 CH440 H4800, H/S4000
875.0276-00 V-BELT SPC 2650 CH440 H4800, H/S4000
879.0359-00 PULLEY, V-BELT 375/MGT 125 10XSPC CH440 H4800, H/S4000
899.0099-00 LIFTING EYE BOLT QH440/CH440/H4800
899.0157-00 BOLT, EYE, LIFTING M48 CH440 H4800, H4000
899.0278-00 PROTECTIVE CAP M42 SW65-2-G68 QH440/CH440/H4800
900.0002-00 ELBOW 1/4 A1 127 0016, BLACK QH440/CH440/H4800
900.0022-00 ELBOW 3/4 A4 127 1345, BLACK QH440/CH440/H4800
900.0027-00 ELBOW CH440/H4800
900.0160-00 BUSHING 2.00 X 1.50 QH440/CH440/H4800
900.0169-00 NIPPLE 1/4 N8 131 6314, BLACK QH440/CH440/H4800
900.0425-00 PIPE COUPLING QH440/CH440/H4800
900.0655-00 ADAPTER R3/4 X R3/4 702-12-12 QH440/CH440/H4800
900.0659-00 ADAPTER  R2.0 X R2 QH440/CH440/H4800
900.0981-00 PLUG KR1 INSEX ZN 10 H3000, H4000 & QH440/CH440/H4800
900.1030-00 REDUCER CH/CS440/CH660/CS660
900.1821-00 PIPE 1-1/4 X 165 KREA SMS 1787 QH440/CH440/H4800
900.1933.00 PLUG VSTI-ED, VSTI R1 1/2, 7580208 CH440 H4800, H/S4000
900.2008-00 ELBOW CH/CS440
900.2026.00 MAGNETIC PLUG 3/4 CH440 H4800, H/S4000
902.0605-00 VALVE CS440/CH660/CH880
902.0645-00 VALVE AIR REGULATOR 216-2-8 CH440 H4800, H/S4000
902.0723-00 VALVE PRESS. RELIEF DN 32 474322 0,7MPa CH440 H4800, H/S4000
902.0746-00 VALVE HRSF-3/4R 200KPA H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
906.0142-00 MECHANICAL SEAL 3884087 H6000 QH440/CH440/H4800
906.0268-00 PUMP BRACKET BL 7SL PUMPING UNIT QH440/CH440/H4800
906.0269-00 FOOT BRACKET P200 PUMPING UNIT QH440/CH440/H4800
906.0270-00 PUMP HPI PUMP, P/N P3BAN2004HL10B02 CH440 H4800, H/S4000
906.0309-00 IMPELLER BLADES-MK.002 H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
906.0365-00 FOOT FLANGE QH440/CH440/H4800
906.0366-00 SPACER QH440/CH440/H4800
906.0367-00 PUMP P3-AAN-0, 75-FL-20-B0  1 QH440/CH440/H4800
906.0376-00 PUMPBRACKET QH440/CH440/H4800
906.0377-00 PUMP, HYDRAULIC P3BAN1003CL10B01N CH440 H4800, H/S4000
906.0387.00 FAN BLADE 775-9-PPG-4ZL CH440 H4800, H/S4000
906.0387-00 FAN BLADE QH440/CH440/H4800
906.0390-00 COMPLETE FAN-(6 BLADE FAN) QH440/CH440/H4800
910.0067-00 COOLER CELLPAKET LD056 539056 IE-2927 CH440 H4800, H/S4000
910.0102-00 AIR-OIL COOLER-STD  H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
910.0112-00  AXIAL FAN   H4000  (4-BLADES) QH440/CH440/H4800
912.0087-00 DIRT TRAP SW/0 1 1/2-0 QH440/CH440/H4800
912.0113-00 FILTER, AIR LUFTFILTER504-2S 5 MICRON CH440 H4800, H/S4000
912.0114-00 AIR FILTER PI0102 R1/4″ + INS QH440/CH440/H4800
912.0116-00 AIR FILTER PI0121   H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
912.0126-00 FILTER CARTRIDGE PC230 QH440/CH440/H4800
912.0127.00 DIFFERENTIAL PRESSURE GAUGE PIS3097/2,2 CH440 H4800, H/S4000
912.0127-00 PRESS DROP INDIC PIS3097/2,2 QH440/CH440/H4800
912.0128-00 FILTER BASE QH440/CH440/H4800
912.0129-00 FILTER CARTRIDGE PC 507 QH440/CH440/H4800
912.0138-00 AIR FILTER PI0154 MIC QH440/CH440/H4800
912.0139-00 FILTER CARTRIDGE QH440/CH440/H4800
912.0155-00 FILTER ELEMENT CH440/H4800 CH660
914.0170-00 OIL LEVEL INDICATOR H4000     10″ LG QH440/CH440/H4800
919.0165-00 ACCUMULATOR 25L OLAER H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
919.0171-00 BLADDER COMPLETE 25L          H4800 QH440/CH440/H4800
919.0184-00 BLADDER COMPLETE    H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
920.0110-00 SLUGGING WRENCH QH440/CH440/H4800
920.0151-00 SLUGGING WRENCH QH440/CH440/H4800
923.0192-00 THERMOMETER IFC60 0-120 L100 QH440/CH440/H4800
923.0193-00 PRESSURE GAUGE 2748 GLYC D 63 QH440/CH440/H4800
923.0267-00 PRESSURE GAUGE QH440/CH440/H4800
923.0379-00 PRESSURE GAUGE M20-2 0-6MPA  6″DIA QH440/CH440/H4800
930.0205-00 COUPLING HE 14      H4000 PUMPING UN QH440/CH440/H4800
930.0237-00 COUPLING HALF D38 05-32-540 QH440/CH440/H4800
930.0248-00 COUPLING SPIDEX A19.ALU ID 14-7 KEY2 QH440/CH440/H4800
930.0252-00 COUPLING ND 8 QH440/CH440/H4800
972.0182-00 MOTOR MT90L-2 2,2KW  220-380V QH440/CH440/H4800
972.0531-00 MOTOR, M2AA112M-4 3601 400VY QH440/CH440/H4800
984.0530-00 IMMERSION HEATER OE3SB9/3-1650  440V QH440/CH440/H4800
984.0605-00 IMM HTR 440V,2190W S&H4000 QH440/CH440/H4800
BG00213813 MAIN SHAFT SLEEVE CH440 H4800, H/S4000
BG00566260 MAIN SHAFT ASSY CH440 H4800, H/S4000

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