High manganese steel wear-resistant parts supporting S3800(CS430)& H3800(CH430)

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Zhejiang Wujing Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a foundry with nearly 30 years of history. We not only have accumulated rich experience in casting production inspection, but also have a strict and complete quality control system.
For high manganese steel products, we have very mature materials of 13% manganese, 18% manganese, and 20% -24% manganese. We also undertake various customized materials for customers, provide various routine reports, and provide various special inspection needs for customers.
We provide support for the following accessories for the S3800 (CS430) and H3800 (CH430) models,

452.1171 MANTLE CH430 H3800
442.7988-01 MANTLE A   M1       H3800 QH331/CH430/H3800
442.7988-02 MANTLE A   M2       H3800 QH331/CH430/H3800
442.7988-03 MANTLE CH430 H3800
442.7989 MANTLE CH430/CS430/H3800/S3800
442.7989-01 MANTLE B   M1       H3800 QH331/CH430/H3800
442.7989-02 MANTLE B   M2       H3800 QH331/CH430/H3800
442.7989-03 MANTLE CH430 H3800
442.8470-01 Mantle;C S3800/CS430 744
442.8470-02 Mantle;A S3800/CS430 744
442.8470-03 MANTLE CH/CS430
442.8471-01 Mantle;B S3800/CS430 685
442.8471-02 Mantle;B S3800/CS430 685
442.8629-01 MANTLE EF  M1     H3800 QH331/CH430/H3800
442.8629-02 MANTLE EF   M2      H3800 QH331/CH430/H3800
442.9759-01 MANTLE HC CH430 H3800
442.9759-02 MANTLE HC CH430 H3800
442.9759-03 MANTLE HC CH430 H3800
452.1502-001 MANTLE CH430 H3800
452.1502-003 MANTLE CH430
452.6115 MANTLE CH430 H3800
452.1952 CONCAVE CH430/CS430/H3800/S3800
452.1954 CONCAVE CH430/CS430/H3800/S3800
452.1973 CONCAVE CH430/CS430/H3800/S3800
452.1974 CONCAVE CH430/CS430/H3800/S3800
452.7001 CONCAVE CH430/CS430/H3800/S3800
452.7002 CONCAVE CH430/CS430/H3800/S3800
452.7003 CONCAVE CH430/CS430/H3800/S3800
442.8003-01 CONCAVE RNG MF  M1  H3800 QH331/CH430/H3800
442.8003-02 CONCAVE RNG MF  M2   H3800 QH331/CH430/H3800
442.8246-01 CONCAVE RING M  M1  H3800 QH331/CH430/H3800
442.8246-02 CONCAVE RING M  M2   H3800 QH331/CH430/H3800
442.8246-03 CONCAVE CH430 H3800
442.8247-01 CONCAVE RING MC  M1  H3800 QH331/CH430/H3800
442.8247-02 CONCAVE RING MC M2 H3800 QH331/CH430/H3800
442.8247-03 CONCAVE CH430 H3800
442.8248-01 CONCAVE RING C  M1  H3800 QH331/CH430/H3800
442.8248-02 CONCAVE RING C  M2   H3800 QH331/CH430/H3800
442.8248-03 CONCAVE CH430 H3800
442.8249-01 CONCAVE RING EC  M1  H3800 QH331/CH430/H3800
442.8249-02 CONCAVE RING EC  M2   H3800 QH331/CH430/H3800
442.8249-03 CONCAVE EC CH430 H3800
442.8251-01 CONCAVE RING F  M1  H3800 QH331/CH430/H3800
442.8251-02 CONCAVE CH430 H3800
442.8251-03 CONCAVE CH430 H3800
442.8477-00 Concave ring;EC-EC2 S3800/CS430 514
442.8477-90 Concave ring;EC-EC2 S3800/CS430 514
442.8478-00 Concave ring;C-EC2 S3800/CS430 465
442.8478-90 Concave ring;C-EC2 S3800/CS430 465
442.8478-91 CONCAVE RING LOWER-21MNCR CS430 S3800
442.8484-00 Concave, upper;EC S3800/CS430 74
442.8484-90 Concave, upper;EC S3800/CS430 74
442.8485-00 Concave, upper;C S3800/CS430 86
442.8485-90 Concave, upper;C S3800/CS430 86
442.8630-01 CONCAVE RNG EF  M1  H3800 QH331/CH430/H3800
442.8630-02 CONCAVE EF CH430 H3800
442.8630-03 CONCAVE EF CH430 H3800
452.0274.901 CONCAVE SEGMENT UPPER MC 14MNCR CH430/CS430/H3800/S3800
452.1216-001 CONCAVE CH430 H3800
452.1216-002 CONCAVE CH430 H3800
452.1216-003 CONCAVE CH430 H3800
452.1465-001 Concave;MC S3800/CS430 98
452.1465-002 Concave;MC S3800/CS430 98
452.1954.902 CONCAVE RING LOWER C STEPPED 2 18MNCR CH430/CS430/H3800/S3800

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