PXL Series Powerful Gyratory Crusher

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The main technical parameters of the PXL series powerful rotary crusher produced by our company comply to the China’ s latest industry standard JB/T 11294-2012. Compared with requirements of previous rotary crusher industry standard (JB/T 3874- 2010), this product features higher productivity (approximately 1.5 times of the original value) under same feed port size, with the performance parameters equivalent with those of imported like products.

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Performance Features

1. It has a crushing chamber of higher inclination angle and a longer crushing face to realize continuous crushing, featuring higher productivity and higher efficiency compared with common rotary crushers.
2. The unique design of crushing chamber makes the discharge more smooth, the crushing capacity greater, the village plate less worn, and the use cost lower.
3. The spiral bevel gear drive is adopted, featuring high carrying capacity, stable operations, and lower noise.
4. The hydraulically adjusted size of discharge port reduce the labor strength.
5. The super-hard object protection function is provided. In event of ingress of super-hard object into the crushing chamber, the main shaft can lower rapidly and lift slowly to discharge the super -hard object, in order to lower the impact and ensure safe and stable operations.
6. The effective dust-proof air-tightness is provided: One positive pressure fan is fitted to guard the eccentric and drive devices against ingress of dust.
7. The high strength and stable frame design can enable the direct feed by transport tool, which makes normal operating adapt better to the severe environment.

Working principle

The revolving crusher is a large crushing machine that uses the revolving movement of the crushing cone in the cone chamber of the shell to extrude, split and bend materials, and roughly crushes ores or rocks of various hardness. The upper end of the main shaft equipped with the crushing cone is supported in the bushing in the middle of the beam, and the lower end is placed in the eccentric hole of the shaft sleeve. When the shaft sleeve rotates, the crushing cone rotates eccentrically around the center line of the machine. Its crushing action is continuous, so the working efficiency is higher than that of the jaw crusher. By the early 1970s, the large rotary crusher could handle 5000 tons of materials per hour, and the maximum feeding diameter could reach 2000 mm.


Product Advantages

Both this product and the large- -sized jaw crusher can be used as the coarse crushing equipment. Compared with each other, the advantages of this product are as below:
1. The crushing chamber of this product is deeper than that of jaw crusher to realize higher crushing ratio.
2. The original material can be loaded into the feed port directly from transport tool so that it’ s unnecessary to set up feed mechanism.
3. The crushing process of this product is continuously running along the circular crushing chamber, featuring high productivity(more than 2 times of that of jaw crusher with same size of feed particles), low power consumption per unit capacity, stable operations, and more uniform particle size of crushed products.

Technical Specification

Specification and model

 Maximum feed

size (mm)

Adjustment range

of discharge port




Motor power



(exclusive of motor)


Overall  dimensions(LxWxH)mm






















The processing capacity data in the table is only based on the loose density of crushed materials, which is 1.6t/m3 Open circuit operation during production. The actual production capacity is related to the physical properties of raw materials, feeding mode, feeding size and other related factors. For more details, please call WuJing machine.

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