Mining Machine–WJG Series Jaw Crusher

Short Description:

WJG series jaw crusher is a high-performance jaw crusher, which has the characteristics of higher structural strength, higher equipment reliability, and higher crushing capacity. It is mainly used for the primary crushing for mining and quarrying industry.

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Performance Features

1. Modular design, no welding frame structure, high impact resistance.
2. Integrated motor installation, saving installation space.
3. Superior crushing cavity design, optimized engagement angle and movement characteristics, help to improve the crushing ratio.
4. Convenient adjustment of the discharge opening and the adoption of the hydraulic wedge adjustment method make the operation simpler and safer.
5. Having a centralized lubrication system that help to save maintenance costs and maximize the operating time.
6. The use of high-performance forged alloy steel main shaft,high-quality heavy-duty bearings, more reliable use.
7. Easy to maintain and install, low operating cost.


Working Principle

Jaw crusher mainly includes a base, fixed jaw, moving jaw, eccentric shaft, jaw plate, moving jaw plate is fixed on the pitman by connecting the bolt rod. Moving jaw plate is provided with a cheek plate on both sides of the moving jaw plate, the upper end of the moving jaw plate is arranged on the eccentric shaft, between the moving jaw plate is provided with an eccentric bearing cavity. Moving jaw plate is higher than the fixed jaw plate about 80-250mm, simple and reasonable structure, The high moving jaw plate has a good protection effect on the moving jaw and the bearing space, and ensures the smooth feed, avoids the phenomenon of the material stuck, safe and reliable. The movable jaw bearing chamber has good sealing, good operation performance, no oil leakage, low noise, stable operation, energy saving effect, which is conducive to popularization and application.


Technical Specification

and model
Feed Size
Motor Power Discharge Gap (mm) Speed
Capacity (mm)
(kW) 80 100 125 150 175 200 225 250 300
wJG110 1100X850 160 190~250 210~275 225-330 310-405 370-480 425-550 480-625 230
wJG125 1250X950 185 290-380 350-455 415-535 470-610 530-690 590-770 650-845 220
WJG140 1400X1070 220 385-500 455-590 520-675 590-765 655-850 725-945 220
wJG160 1600X1200 250 520-675 595-775 675-880 750-975 825-1070 980-1275 220
wJG200 2000x1500 400 760-990 855-1110 945-1230 1040-1350 1225-1590 200

1. The output given in the above table is only an approximate value to illustrate the capacity of the crusher.
2. Technical parameters are subject to change without further notice.

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