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YKJ/YKR Series of vibrating screen offers comprehensive specifications. It is well-designed with simple structure, strong excitation force, large processing capacity, and high screening efficiency. It also combined with excellent manufacturing technic, that make this series of products durable and very easy in maintenance. This product has been widely used in construction, transportation, energy, cement, mining, chemical and other industries.

Performance Features

1. Adjustable vibration range.
2. Screening evenly.
3. Large processing capacity.
4. Ideal structure, strong and durable.

Working Principle

YK type circular vibrating screen is a single mass elastic system, the motor through the flexible connection to make the vibrator eccentric block produce a great centrifugal force to stimulate the screen box to produce a certain amplitude of circular motion, the screen material on the inclined screen surface received the screen box to do continuous throwing motion, the oblique is layered when thrown up, in the process of meeting the screen surface to make the particles less than the sieve through the screen, Thus achieving the grading.

Operation Specification

1. The operator should be familiar with the equipment, comply with the factory operation, maintenance, safety, health and other provisions.
2. Preparation: the operator should read the duty record before starting work, and carry out the general monitoring of the equipment, check whether the bolts of each part are loose, screen surface is worn, etc.
3. Starting: sieve starting should follow the process system sequence one-time starting.
4. Operation: in the middle and heavy of each shift, the application of hand touch near the bearing, check the bearing temperature. Often observe the load of the sieve, such as the load of the sieve amplitude significantly reduced, inform the control room to reduce the feed. Check the working condition of shaker with visual and auditory.
5. Stop: the sieve should stop and process system sequence, except for special accidents, it is prohibited to stop or stop after the feeding.
6. Clean the screen surface and the surrounding environment of the screen after work.


Technical Specification


Note: the processing capacity data in the table is only based on the loose density of crushed materials, which is 1.6t/m³open circuit operation during production. The actual production capacity is related to the physical properties of raw material, feeding mode, feeding size and other related factors.

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